Savon Lumière

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* Gamme neutre *

Peaux : peaux sensibles, ternes

Bienfaits : purifiant, illumine le visage

Odeur : odeur neutre, sans huile essentielle

Ingrédients clés : beurre de karité et argile jaune

Huiles et beurres : huile d'olive, huile de coco, beurre de karité

Inci : Butyrospermum parkii butter - Coco nucifera oil - Aqua - Oléa Europaea fruit oil - Sodium hydroxide - Illite


Use this cleanser on the face or body. Lather abundantly in the palm of your hands. Swipe onto damp skin, rubbing gently in a circular motion, avoiding the eye area. Leave the soap on the skin to benefit from all its active ingredients, then rinse thoroughly. Suitable for cleansing the body, face and hands.

Keep your soap dry between uses.

Do not ingest.

The KRAKRA soaps are handcrafted in our workshop in Bordeaux using the cold saponification method, which guarantees their high fat content and their benefits. Due to their artisanal manufacture, the products may present variations compared to the presentation photos, all the ingredients of the recipe however remain unchanged.